Exciting, rewarding, intense and beautiful are just a few of the words that come to mind when I am behind the camera. These are the feelings that bring me so much pleasure from photography, whether it’s a stunning local seascape scene or an amazing wedding on the beach. It’s an addiction, continually striving for that perfect image.

My career started with Bermuda and her natural beauty. Drawn primarily to the seascapes I also have a collection of Aeriel images as well as several other genres. Over time I’ve transitioned into the wedding and portrait photography and have been pushing the envelope trying to meld my clients into the natural environment. I love working outdoors whether it’s on the beach, in a park or on a cliff overlooking the beautiful South Shore.

In order to ensure complete dedication to each and every couple (as well as my sanity) only a handful of couples are taken on board. From there we work together to plan the day in complete detail to allow you the most time possible with your guests while at the same time capturing all of those must have images as well as those small little details so easily forgotten.

Everything from the initial booking down to the type of paper prints are processed on is customized for each clients needs. Utilizing a complete digital workflow, all images are individually edited, everything is web based and available for proofing, whether it’s a custom album or a perfectly styled thank you card.

Each season I tighten my style, continuing to define what I like and shoot for a specific look. Clean, simple and vibrant is how I want my images, a classic and timeless style. Bermuda lends itself well to this style of shooting with the amazing range of colours and scenery. With an absolute emphasis on my clients I work together with them from start to finish to help carry out their perfect day. If you have a moment read through a recent article I wrote about this.

Other assignments include carrying out extensive photography assignments for the Bermuda Tourism Authority, as well as shooting for local and international companies.

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