Bermuda Wedding Venues

With Bermuda being such a hotspot for destination weddings I'm often asked about various popular weddings venues in Bermuda. I thought it may be helpful to have a overview of some of the nicer, more popular venue options. As Bermuda just an hour and half flight from most East Coast cities you really couldn't ask for a more convenient location. Our sub-tropical climate gives us beautiful conditions for most months of the year, hot summer weather from May - September with cooler, more comfortable temperatures either side of the summer months. Our beaches are some of the best in the world and make the perfect wedding or engagement session backdrop. Many of my clients simply choose Bermuda for its beauty and location which is often ideal for gatherings of family and friends located in the UK and US. An added bonus affecting many decisions to get married in Bermuda is that we are Zika free!


Below is a short summary of a small selection of the more popular wedding venues available in Bermuda. Each venue is beautiful, unique and an absolute pleasure to work at. Some are better suited for certain weddings be it size, configuration or often logistics, I've touched on some of their pros and cons from a photographers and future clients perspective.


Cambridge Beaches

Located in the West end of the Island Cambridge Beaches is a stunning, sprawling property set out on a large peninsula with calm water and beaches on either side. It's certainly one of my favorite properties on Island and even my personal choice when looking for a staycation.


The property is dotted with a combination of individual cottages and clustered hotel rooms with views from every side. There are multiple ceremony locations available depending on the size of the party, below is an overview of the different options.


- Long Bay Beach - their main beach, long and narrow with calm sheltered waters.

- Seaview Lawn - above Long Bay Beach, a large and flat lawn looking to over the bay and beach.

- Turtle Cove Beach - a small sheltered cove ideally suited for a small wedding or dinner party.

- Windswept Bluff - set on a small cliff overlooking the West side of the property, perfect for a small group.


While the beaches on the property are not the same as our beautiful, pink sand beaches on the Southshore they do still offer incredible views and with the property being located in the West end it means you get very dramatic sunsets, not something many resorts can offer!


One of the best parts of booking a wedding at Cambridge Beaches is that along with the property you get Nadja and Florenta to help with the wedding plans and on the day of. Both are incredible and a huge plus to have on your team. A potential hurdle for some couples is that Cambridge Beaches is somewhat isolated and not close to other properties, beaches or popular attractions.


Coral Beach Club


The Coral Beach Club is a private members club located centrally. It's a huge property with several options for various wedding settings. They have a dedicated wedding lawn as well as one of the nicest beach options available, they share the Elbow Beach and have exclusive use of part of it. Also popular is the Croquet Lawn for cocktails. Their Longtail Terrace is the perfect reception location with unrivaled views and has a serious wow factor for those lucky enough to dine there.


The food and beverage service at CBC is second to none, an extremely experienced staff and the food is always amazing. The Longtail Terrace has held weddings past 150 but works best for 120 or less, the dedicated dance floor is perfect for the afterparty!


Their indoor option in the event of rain or inclement weather is a bit tight when over 100 people. Their guest rooms have a rustic charm which is not ideal for some couples.




The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Located in the City of Hamilton the Hamilton Princess has just seen an extensive makeover making it one of the nicest hotels on the island. It's a busy hotel with a city feel and is generally quite full year round as it's also popular with business travelers. They have 3 great restaurant options as well as a boutique shopping area and spa.


The main courtyard is immaculate and flanked by the hotel with views out into Hamilton Harbour. There's a lovely walkway with Bermuda architecture accents and a moongate, always popular for pictures! The large marina has walkways along the waters edge and it too is great for photos.


The Hamilton Princess also recently opened a beach club and while located a 15 minute drive away it offers a lot in the way of wedding options. It's completely private and removed from the surrounding area and features a sheltered beach on a large property with several outlooks and bluffs. The beach club property has at least 3 different options for a ceremony and the last couple of years have seen a large increase in popularity given the number of options available.


Indoor options at the Hamilton Princess are a cut above the rest with all of the ballrooms having been updated for a more elegant look so even if the weather doesn't cooperate you still have a solid backup plan.


Mid Ocean Beach Club

The Mid Ocean Beach Club is a private members club available for weddings. Set above one of the most stunning beaches on the island it has lots to offer. It's located in the East end of the Island adjacent to the Rosewood Beach Club in a very beautiful setting. Their property features a world class golf course, club house, limited accommodations and the beach club.


Mid Ocean BC is the perfect choice for larger weddings where you want more control. Their large well manicured lawn is set just above the beach with sweeping, stunning ocean views. It's one of the only properties available locally that can not only accommodate large numbers (past 200) but allows you complete customization offering a blank slate that can be fitted out perfectly by way of tents, decor and setup.


Most couples opt for the beach as the ceremony location or perhaps even another venue using the property as the reception location.


With the Beach Club relying on tenting inclement weather can force the party into the clubhouse which is always no ideal. The Clubhouse simply doesn't compare to the Beach Club but it does offer a solution should it be needed.


Rosewood (Formerly Tuckers Point)

The Rosewood Hotel oozes sheer elegance and luxury, being a new hotel and also having just seen a major face lift it's arguably the nicest property on the island. The hotel property features numerous levels of accommodations, many dining options, stunning golf course and clubhouse, dive shop and the main beach and beach club.


There are many options for ceremony locations with the hotel Courtyard and Beachclub being the most popular. Both work really for small to large sized weddings and many couples opt for both locations to feature in their photos perhaps using the hotel for first look or family photos and the beach club for the ceremony or just as well the other way around.


Their indoor spaces are simply stunning which means any type of inclement weather is not a problem with such beautiful backup solutions. The hotel rooms are just perfect for getting ready and there are many other hotel features that make it a delight to work on the property.


The staff along with all of the food and beverage options are what you would expect from a hotel of this level.


The Reefs

The Reefs has a long history of providing terrific service and has many dedicated repeat visitors. Set on a cliff with a private beach below it has everything you need for a small to medium sized wedding. Caso's Point is their wedding ceremony location of choice and is a large deck set out over the water at the end of the property. Totally unique in how it's located it offers unobstructed view of the ocean along with privacy from the rest of the hotel.


For reception locations they have Coconuts which is their beachside restaurant and bar, suitable for up to 85 people. Coconuts is usually the preferred option as it offers a stunning setting while being just a few steps from the beach and surf. In the main hotel is Ocean Echo Restaurant which can hold slightly more along with the comforts of air condoning.


The staff at The Reefs are simply fantastic and I refer to them as a well oiled machine. It's a very popular resort for weddings of all sizes up to around 85 people and they offer competitive packages that suit the needs of most couples. A huge benefit to a wedding at The Reefs is that they included a professional wedding planner - either Emily or Kathleen of Event Solutions for every wedding. A definite perk of having a wedding there.


Unfinished Church


Unlike the other venues mentioned on this page the Unfinished Church is a ceremony only option. There are no other amenities present but I thought regardless it should be highlighted as one of the best options available locally for a Ceremony location.


Set on the outskirts and overlooking the old Town of St. George's the Unfinished Church is just that - a partially built church that in recent years has become very popular with destination weddings. The property has so much charm and romantic appeal, it's totally unique as far as wedding venues available in Bermuda and likely anywhere else.

The UFC is perfect for large weddings and can see as many as 200 people but it's also perfect for just a simple elopement.


St. Peter's Church manages the UFC, enquiries and bookings go through them.


Being a ceremony location only means relocating your friends and family to another venue for the reception. This does create some additional logistics but it's nothing a mini bus, or two or three can't handle. Nearby is The Tempest restaurant which has worked well for some couples, Mid Ocean is also popular as a reception venue but really any other venue can also serve well as a reception option.

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