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We love your work, how do we secure you for our wedding date?

Two things are needed in order to secure your wedding date, a retainer of 30% and a signed agreement. Both are completed electronically and payment is available via credit card – Visa and Mastercard. Until both of those are received the date is not secure. Limited spots each year due to availability.

If we don’t use the included engagement session can it be deducted from the coverage fee?

With weddings 6 hours and over I include a complimentary engagement session. As it is added at no cost I do not then offer a reduction in rate if it is not used. It’s an extra that I add on to help to get to know and work with my clients beforehand. Some clients do use it instead for rehearsal coverage with is perfectly fine with me!

Do you edit every image?

Yes, every image is professionally colour corrected and balanced for a consistent look. All editing work is done in house for full control. The images on the Blog are exactly what you can expect, vibrant, sharp and contrasty images. Black and white treatment availble upon request.

Do you offer less than 4 hours of wedding coverage? Why?

From Friday through Sunday I require a minimum 4 hour booking, coverage 4 hours and longer means that I can provide the type of service and coverage to give a well rounded and complete experience for my clients. Weekday coverage is available from 1 hour and up.

Can we request privacy and ask no images will be published online?

Of course, I get one or two couples a year who ask for privacy and this is never a problem simply let me know and I can amend the agreement to reflect the request (there is no fee associated with this).

What payment types do you accept?

If you are a resident then a local bank transfer is the easiest but of course cash and cheque’s are always welcome. Credit cards are also no problem, Mastercard or Visa. PayPal is also an option. If you are overseas and would like to wire the funds contact me for the details.

What is the ideal time for my ceremony?

The Bermuda sun can be harsh up until later afternoon, generally I tell couples the later the better. During peak summer it is still light past 8pm which allows for a later ceremony if desired. Do bear in mind though that at 4pm in the summer months the sun is still very high and hot, nice why a 6pm ceremony can work better! In the Spring and Autumn months the ceremony can be easily coordinated with a lovely crisp evening in the final hour of daylight.

Can we make our own prints from our wedding images?

You sure can, all wedding clients receive an image release granting them permission to make prints and use the images for personal use.

Any tips for making the wedding day easier and getting the best from our pictures?

Keeping things simple is key. It’s not always an easy thing to do but it helps so much in the planning and execution. Limiting travel and locations goes a long way to helping the day flow and maximizing my time with you. Ensuring plenty of rest and a good lunch on the day is also very important!

Why would I buy prints from you if I can get them printed myself?

Prints purchased through the online gallery are always going to be superior to typical consumer labs, here’s why:

  • Print orders are received by me and placed through my US partner lab. It is a professional lab with a very high quality output. Their equipment is closely calibrated to ensure consistency and color accuracy. Guaranteed quality!
  • Superior Fuji or Kodak papers with several choices in paper types – lustre, metallic etc.
  • Convenience, with a simple ordering process your order is placed and delivered to you within a couple of weeks, anywhere in the world.
  • Free retouching.
  • Numerous mounting, backing and framing options along with protective coatings that aren’t available in local labs.

Can you ship my print order to me?

  Absolutely, anywhere in the world. No problem.

How long till I get to see my pics from the wedding / session?

Typically a small preview set is posted to Facebook and Instagram within a few days, from there the full set is edited and online in as little as 1 week in quite months to as much as 4 weeks peak season. Timing varies based on current workload

Do I need a second shooter for my wedding?

Second shooters can be a great addition for larger more complex wedding plans. When there are multiple locations involved and maximum coverage is needed then a second shooter is perfect to ensure everything is captured for your special day! That said I very rarely work with a second shooter and unless specifically noted everything on the Blog is by just me.

Exciting, rewarding, intense and beautiful are just a few of the words that describe how I feel when I am behind the camera. These are the feelings that bring me so much pleasure from photography..... (read more)

email : [email protected]
phone : (441) 532.3234

Howarth Photography Ltd.
PO Box HM 2291
Hamilton HM JX


email : [email protected]
phone : (441) 532.3234

Howarth Photography Ltd.
PO Box HM 2291
Hamilton HM JX