The “Oh Snap Photobooth” is a popular and super fun addition to any wedding! Available for a discounted price when combined with your wedding package it’s a great add on for wedding receptions. What better way is there to create a buzz, have some fun and at the same time capture great memories of your friends and family! The booth is assembled and setup in minutes and will not detract from your wedding, it can be used in minimal space and has a clean, simple design. Once setup, the booth is essentially un-manned providing clear and concise instructions via the touchscreen interface for your guests, an attendant will be on hand throughout the time that the booth is in operation. The booth can be rented at a cost of $550 when added onto your wedding coverage, other events are $650. This cost is for a full two hours of use and includes the following:

  • Full delivery, setup, tear down and supervision for the entire rental period
  • Unlimited photostrip prints! (the default configuration is 2 – 2”x6” strips)
  • Customizable photostrips – names and date added
  • A wide array of props for your guests plus your choice of backdrops
  • All of the images captured uploaded to Facebook within 48hours
  • All of the images captured provided on the finished wedding USB drive and in the proof book

Frequently Asked Questions

How much room does the booth take up?

The Photobooth is approximately 7′ x 7′, length and width and needs around 8′ of height. It takes up only a very minimal amount of space and will fit in at almost any venue.

Are there different backdrops available?

Yes, several, have a look at the slideshow below for some examples.

What do I need to do to book the booth for my event?

Use the contact form above to enquire on the availability. From there we can send a contract which upon it’s signed return along with a 30% deposit your date will be secure!

Does the booth print the images right away?

Yes, the booth has a built in printer that spits out prints as fast as you can take them! Different formats are available, 2×6 strips, 4×6 print.

Where can I find my images after an event?

Shortly (12-48 hours) after an event you can find your images here – or the page


Are the finished images included with my wedding set?

Yes, they are yours to use as you wish, print, share etc. Have fun with them!

What kind of events is the booth available for?

Anything really! Weddings, corporate, parties, pretty much any event would be enhanced with the booth available to guests. It’s always the hit of any party!

What payment types do you accept?

If you are a resident then a local bank transfer is the easiest but of course cash and cheque’s are always welcome. Credit cards are also no problem, Mastercard or Visa. PayPal is also an option. If you are overseas and would like to wire the funds contact me for the details.